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And he’s got some older festering wounds, but I’m not sure from what,” she reported, lifting the moist towel to show Jim. ” She showed him the bald ring around the wolf’s neck. “Malnourished as you can see. He’s nothing but bones. And I think he may have some rib damage. ” Natalie stroked her fingers over the area on the wolf’s ribcage where he had flinched earlier. “And at some point he has been shot. It’s healed but there’s a bald spot around it. ” “Well, if it is healed and old, I am not messing with it at the moment.

39 To Hunt a Wolf “No. We don’t. ” the vet asked the woman. “Jim, I thought we settled this yesterday. ” Her face flushed. ” “Now why would I? ” “Jim. ” she dared to ask him. He gave her a glare in response, Adrian noted. The more he was hearing, the less he was liking. ” “Thank you,” she sounded relieved. ” They glared at one another then and Adrian gave a whine to try and break the deadlock. He was not sure of the undercurrents but he knew he did not like them. The vet was trying to get something from Natalie that she obviously did not want to give.

He swore a filthy oath and the wolf gave another snarl deep in his throat along with a little tug, a warning perhaps to do as Natalie had asked. Jim hastily added, “All right. ” Obediently the wolf let go and Jim inspected his forearm, glaring at them both. There were deep dents in his flesh from the wolf’s teeth, although the skin had not been broken. “Looks like it was only a warning,” Natalie said, patting the wolf’s back gently. ” “Fine. Get out. Don’t come back. ” You have purchased the pdf version of this novel.

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