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By S. L. MacGregor Mathers

The magic handbook of a Jewish magician of the center a long time. 1977 2d imp, 268pp

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C " The Invocation being made, the Good Angels will appear unto you which you desire, which you shall entertain with a chaste communication, and licence them to depart. " Now the Lamen which is used to invoke any Good Spirit must be made after the following manner : either in metal conformable or in new wax mixed with convenient spices and colours; or it may be made with pure white paper with convenient colours, and the outward form of it may be either square, circular, or triangular, or of the like sort, according to the rule of the numbers; in which there must be written the Divine Names, as well general as special.

Would call together at once. But if we should call only one, nevertheless there must be made four pentagons, wherein the name of the Spirit or Spirits with their characters are to be written. Now this Lamen ought to be composed when the Moon is in her increase, on those days and hours which agree to the Spirit; and if we take a fortun ate planet therewith, it will be the better for the producing the effect; which Table or Lamen being rightly made in the manner we have fully described, must be consecrated according to the rules above delivered.

The time of a whole lunation. N ow, in the Cabala, we generally prepare ourselves forty days before. " Now concerning the place, it must be chosen clean, pure, close, quiet, free from all manner of noise, and not subject to any stranger's sight. This place must first of all be exorcised and consecrated; and let there be a Table or Altar placed therein, covered with a clean white linen cloth, and set towards the east: and on each side thereof place two consecrated wax-lights burning, the flame thereof ought not to go out all these days.

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