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By Jacqueline Winders

Your most sensible first connection with the French language

As you start learning the French language, you want to have a competent bilingual dictionary with the fundamental phrases you would like, now not the complex phrases you do not. With McGraw-Hill's French scholar Dictionary you will find what you wish speedy and easily--without being beaten with text.

This ebook features:

  • 3,500 crucial phrases, each one with grammatical details, easy-to-use pronunciation consultant, verb conjugation (when appropriate), and an instance sentence
  • Numerous subentries to give an explanation for colours of that means and idiomatic expressions with regards to the primary entries
  • A number of grammar suggestions and tricks, together with universal errors to prevent
  • Helpful appendices of precious info akin to universal names in French, weights and measures, maps, numbers, and more

Begin your language studying with the authoritative McGraw-Hill's French pupil Dictionary at your aspect. It offers an ideal supplement for your French studies.

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Au revoir [o ruh VWAHR] n. m. goodbye Je vais dire “au revoir” à mon amie à la gare. I’m going to say “goodbye” to my friend at the train station. au secours! [o suh KOOR] interj. help! Au secours! Je suis blessé! Help! I am hurt! aussi [o SEE] adv. also, too; as (in comparisons) Ma sœur veut venir aussi. My sister wants to come too. Ma voiture va aussi vite que la tienne. My car goes as fast as yours. l’Australie [o strah LEE] n. f. Australia australien(ne) adj. m. f. Australian Australien(ne) n.

What is your name? My name is John. l’appétit [ah pay TEE] n. m. appetite Bon appétit! Enjoy your meal! Quand je suis malade, je n’ai pas d’appétit. When I am sick, I don’t have an appetite. apporter [ah pòr TAY] v. to bring (a thing) Paul apporte ses diapositives de France ce soir. Paul is bringing his slides of France tonight. apprendre [ah PRAN dr] v. to learn; to teach apprendre à + verb to learn how J’apprends à nager. I’m learning how to swim. approcher de [ah pro SHAY] v. to approach s’approcher de to draw near to Approchez-vous, s’il vous plaît!

The announcement, the ad Elle met une annonce dans le journal. She puts an ad in the paper. l’annonce publicitaire - l’appartement l’annonce publicitaire [ah nons pü blee see TEHR] n. f. advertisement, commercial Je regarde une annonce publicitaire à la télé. V. l’antenne de télévision [an tehn duh tay lay vee ZYON] n. f. television antenna Il y a une antenne de télévision sur le toit. There is a television antenna on the roof. l’anorak [ah nò RAHK] n. m. ski jacket Je porte un anorak quand il fait froid.

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