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Interpretations of heavenly phenomena as indicators of the longer term used to be a Mesopotamian culture of serious antiquity. The perform of Babylonian celestial divination, spanning a interval from ca. 1800 B.C. to Hellenistic instances, is understood within the type of celestial omens portending the lifetime of the king and the soundness of the country. rising for the 1st time within the 5th century B.C., horoscopes mirror the appliance of the precise and perform of celestial divination to the lifetime of the person. this can be the 1st whole variation of the extant cuneiform horoscopes--with transcription and philological and astronomical statement. it's the first examine to supply a scientific description of the files as a definable category of Babylonian astronomical/astrological texts.

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E. E. 63 -248 Uruk NCBT 1231 unpub. E. E. E. 1 TheNames of thePlanets The horoscopesuse the abbreviatednames of the planetsfamiliarfrom non-mathematicalastronomicaltexts and mathematicalephemerides. US dSal-bat-a-nu ACT 30 20 BABBAR Dele-bat GU4 GENNA AN Note that in the text transcriptions, the practice of Sachs to transcribe 30 as sin and 20 as sama's is followed. MES), consisting of twelve 30degree segments of the ecliptic, came about as a result of the stan1 For discussionof the knowledge of Babylonianplanet names in Greco-Romantradition, see F.

61? 9? 6? 9? 6? X 27? 4? 6? 100 < 10? 2? 3? 8? 7? ;2; 10? 3 3 UT The AX'sreflectroundedvaluesof the moderncomputedlongitudes. The time of birthis not givenin the text. 7? 2 continued XText AComputed Time Time ,y ;6 4? gm A80 rYL 8? % 10? 2 23 -87 Jan. 7? b' 50 270 1? 26? 9? 8? 4? 4? 20? 1? 16 9th hr. (L ; 18? 8? 4+ i 24? 90 O q 300 130 p 3l t 15? 0o1_~. 14? 6? 4? 7? 1? 248? CD 24? o 9? -Amodem) 00 +2? 5? 3? 1? 1? 0? 0? 1? 8? 5? 1? 2? 8? 2? Note that in Texts 16b and 27, the position of the moon indicatesa one day,suggestingthatour datafor the first of approximately discrepancy of month is the incorrect.

14? 6? 4? 7? 1? 248? CD 24? o 9? -Amodem) 00 +2? 5? 3? 1? 1? 0? 0? 1? 8? 5? 1? 2? 8? 2? Note that in Texts 16b and 27, the position of the moon indicatesa one day,suggestingthatour datafor the first of approximately discrepancy of month is the incorrect. A slash indicatesan absenceof datafor the planet. , that it wasnot closeenoughto the time designated by the text, or that our data for the length of the month is in error by one day. Butapartfromsuchschemeswe know of no othersourcefor obtaininglongitudesexpressedin degreesper sign.

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