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By Austin Osman Spare

The final occult writing of Austin Osman Spare, the founding father of Sigil Magic.

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It would have been easy for Wicca to have become a religion of Luddites, but it did not. Wicca has embraced the computer revolution; our Book of Shadows became a Disc of Shadows in 1995 and continues to grow to this day. Since the 1980s, one of the “pre-Christian values” that witchcraft has returned to is the absorption of that which works and aids the belief structure of the individual. This can be seen as far back as the Middle Ages when witches first encountered ritual magic and integrated it into their practice.

During the writing of this book, we came across witches who had adopted the term progressive to describe themselves and their method of working2. It is not our intention to create yet another new tradition of Wicca claiming ancient roots. For us, the use of the term Progressive Witchcraft does not imply a tradition, but a way of thought, belief, and practice related to being a witch. After this book is published, some may adopt the term; this will not make us unhappy! We understand it is in human nature to need collective labels, and we have created such a label.

After due consideration, a unanimous motion was carried that there is no need for a King of the Witches. This is fortunate, as there is no one properly prepared for the role. Alex Sanders led the Hidden Children of the Goddess into the light. It was a task well done and it was his last and most earnest wish that they should continue their work into the light. This officially ended the idea of Kings and Queens of the witches within the modern witchcraft revival, which the majority of us were not sad to see go.

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