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By Dion Fortune

In brief, during this distinct collaboration of 2 magical practitioners and academics we're offered with a invaluable and updated textual content at the perform of formality magic "as it is". that's to assert, as a pragmatic, religious, and psychic self-discipline, faraway from the lurid superstition and hypothesis which are the hallmark of its remedy in sensational journalism.

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Amongst tasts [tastes] such as are sweet, and pleasant. Amongst Metals, Tin, Silver, and Gold, by reason of their temperateness: Amongst stones, the Hyacinth, Beril [beryl], Saphir [sapphire], the Emrald [emerald], green Jasper, and aiery colours: Amongst Plants and Trees, Sea-green, Garden Basil, Bugloss, Mace, Spike, Mints, Mastick, Elicampane, the Violet, Darnell, Henbane, the Poplar tree, and those which are called lucky trees, as the Oke [oak], the tree æsculus [horse-chestnut] which is like an Oke [oak] but much bigger, the Holm tree, the Beech tree, the Hasle [hazel] tree, the Service tree, the white Fig tree, the Pear tree, the Apple tree, the Vine, the Plum tree, the Ash, the Dog-tree, and the Olive tree, and also Oile.

The fourth is called the GoatStar, which rules, amongst stones, the Saphir [sapphire], amongst Plants, Horehound, Mint, Mugwort, and Mandrake. The fifth is called the great Dog-star, which amongst stones, rules over the Berill [beryl]: amongst Plants, Savin, Mugwort and Dragonwort: and amongst Animals the tongue of a Snake. The sixth is called the lesser Dog-star, and, amongst stones, rules over Achates [agates]: amongst Plants the Flowers of Marigold, and Penyroial [pennyroyal]. The seventh is called the Heart of the Lyon, which amongst stones, rules over the Granate; amongst Plants, Sallendine, Mugwort, and Mastick.

Moreover all luxurious, delicious Animals, and of a strong love, as Dogs, Conies, stinking Sheep, and Goats, both female, and male, which generates sooner then any other Animall, for they say that he couples after the seventh day of his being brought forth; also the Bull for his disdain, and the Calf for his wantonness. Amongst birds the Swan, the Wagtail, the Swallow, the Pellican [pelican], the Burgander, which are very loving to their yong [young]. Also the Crow, and Pigeon, which is dedicated to Venus, and the Turtle [turtledove], one whereof was Commanded to be offered at the purification, after bringing forth.

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