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By Leo Vinci

The 2002 model of the Enochian Dictionary first written within the sixteenth century by way of Dr. John Dee and Sir Edward Kelly. This model has been prolonged additional with new information about Dee and Kelly yet no longer enough the writer feels to name it a brand new variation, extra a 2002 version because it comprises either outdated and new now.

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Dunstan was thought to have been a practising alchemist so, most appropriately, we find Dunstan as the Patron Saint of Goldsmiths. The Book of St. Dunstan is mentioned now and then in Dee’s diaries and Dee’ s son Arthur makes reference to a work of the same title. Tradition has it that the powders and manuscript were looted from the saint’s tomb (some say it was a bishop’s, the story varies) by a Protestant mob seeking treasure. Finding none, they gave what they did find to an innkeeper for a skin of wine.

Latin was the universal language that was understood by men of learning whatever their native tongue. However, unlike many of the Continental Magi John Dee wrote a good deal of his work in English to make it available to those who could read to enable them to use the work. I am sure Dee used discretion regarding what he revealed and to whom. Dee used magic to gain practical advantages and each level he gained raised him like a ladder to the next. The knowledge he sought was often used to help his fellow creatures on their way, each according to their ability.

It has never been proven to anyone’s satisfaction that Dee was spying for the Crown. Queen Elizabeth I had her secret intelligence service, so has Queen Elizabeth II and it too operates mainly through her ministers. Naturally Burghley and Walsingham had interest in finding out what was going on in other countries, eager to know what Dee thought and what he had seen while travelling and I feel certain that Burghley and Walsingham would make similar enquiries from many of the important travellers returning from abroad.

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