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By Harrison Fisher

Harrison Fisher's pix of fit, poised, energetic, and assured ladies set the traditional for the idea that of yankee attractiveness through the early years of the 20th century. The artist loved huge, immense attractiveness from 1905 to 1920, serving as a pass judgement on in national good looks contests and keeping a celeb prestige that was once unheard of for an illustrator. This unique ebook recaptures the photographs that made Fisher recognized, compiling his best possible black-and-white and colour illustrations for Cosmopolitan, The Saturday night Post, and The women domestic Journal in addition to for books and different publications.
The successors to the fashionable Gibson ladies created by way of Charles Dana Gibson, Fisher's idealized girls mirror an aspirational measure of wealth and social ease. They trip horses, play tennis, swim, pass motoring in newfangled cars, and graciously indulge in the admiration of beautiful younger males. those century-old photographs from a second in our country's cultural background will attract lovers of photo paintings and representation in addition to to scholars of yankee paintings and pop culture.

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