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By Titus Burckhardt

Non secular attainment has often been defined as a change wherein a human's leaden, uninteresting nature is again to its golden nation. This splendidly insightful quantity introduces a few of the metaphors helpful for developing attitudes required for the soul's development: belief, self assurance, desire, and detachment. it's a reminder that after any substance or entity undergoes dissolution, it needs to finally be resolved or re-crystalized in a brand new, in all likelihood better and extra noble form.

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P A T R I C I A T E L E S C O M A G I C K M A D E E A S Y Charms, Spells, Potions, and Power To anyone, anywhere, who has ever wanted a little more magick in his or her life, and to all the people who have made my life so magickal! and To WADL. This organization provides support, education, and other ongoing efforts to protect everyone’s right to religious freedom. html. CONTENTS Introduction PART ONE OFF TO “OZ” CHAPTER 1: Common Questions About Magick What Is Magick? Can Anyone Work Magick? Is Magick Harmful?

The sense of connection and focus you feel at this point is exactly what you want to take into your magick. Breathing is also a great aid to magick in that it keeps us on an even emotional keel. As we inhale, we take in life-giving oxygen. As we exhale, old, useless hot air is released. Along with that release, a lot of tension and other negative energies get borne away. Blood pressure evens out, and therefore we calm down. So taking three to ten deep breaths before enacting any magickal procedure is a good practice to make part of your routine, especially if you feel harried or upset.

Yeah, I know, you probably wanted a more concrete answer. But since I am not you, I cannot choose for you. Try each system and see which ones help you focus your mind and will. Also consider which ones make sense for your specific situation. Let me cite a personal example. I wanted to cast a spell to halt gossip at my office. I found a spell that suggested chanting at a given point in the procedure. To me, however, the idea of verbalization made no sense. Thinking back to the laws of sympathy and like attracting like, I felt silent visualization had greater symbolic value for silencing those wagging tongues, so that’s what I did (and yes, it did seem to help)!

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