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By Ahmed H. Sakr

Contains: Qur'an on Jinns, terminology, Adam and Ibliss, Curse on Ibliss, Shaitan's Biography, Animosity of Shaitan to guy, production of Shaitan, actions of Shaitan, provides of Shaitan, partners of Shaitan, Tribe of Ibliss, celebration of Shaitan, military of Shaitan, Jinns and Magic security from Shaitan, and extra.

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Trace the invoking pentagram in the air with your athame just as you did in the East. When 38 B the pentagram is complete, thrust your athame into the center of it and chant the deity name: Adonai. Go to the West. Trace the invoking pentagram in the air with your athame. When the pentagram is complete, thrust your athame into the center of it, and chant the deity name: Eheieh. Move to the North. Trace the invoking pentagram in the air with your athame. When the pentagram is complete, thrust your athame into the center of it, and chant the deity name: Agla.

All of the stalks should be bending in the same direction. 6. The Splay Ring: There is only one of these and it keeps the stalks evenly placed about the stalk. This ring is usually made of a very strong pliable cording, as it takes up the strain and pressure of the use that is exerted when sweeping. 7. The Stalk Butts: These are the thick ends of the bristles and are bound by the choke ring. 1. The Staff Butt 2. The Staff 4. The Stalks 5. The Stalk Tips 3. The Choke Ring 6. The Splay Ring 7. The Stalk Butts BESOM (BROOM) MAGICK Besom Blessing Items needed: a small bowl of salt and one of water, a white candle, a small bunch of fresh rosemary, a censer, a small block of church charcoal, and your besom.

This is done by anointing the entire candle with an appropriate oil. The oil is usually made from a plant or flower that also represents your desire. Place some of the oil on your fingertips. As you concentrate on your desire, rub the oil onto the candle, starting from the center and rubbing upward. Then rub the oil from 50 C Candle Color Chart Candle color Red Pink Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet Black Brown White Gold Meaning of color Courage, strength, survival, power, lust, immediate action.

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