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By Carol Bernstein, Harris Bernstein

Why organisms age and why sexual copy exists are significant unsolved difficulties in biology. This ebook presents an built-in clarification of getting older and intercourse according to present wisdom of DNA harm and service. Key positive factors* Discusses the universality of the matter of DNA harm* Describes getting older because of accrued DNA harm* Considers meiosis as an version for DNA fix* Discusses mating in Read more...

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1976), a progressive increase in sensitivity to digestion by the e n z y m e w a s found with age of the mice. This indicates that mice a c c u m u l a t e single-strand regions in their heart D N A as they age. Mori and G o t o (1982), h o w e v e r , could not repeat this Si e n d o n u c l e a s e result. T h e basis for this discrepancy is unclear. 48 I Accumulation of DNA Damage in Somatic Cells Zahn et al. (1987) studied age-correlated D N A damage in human muscle tissue. D N A damage was determined as D N A alterations that give rise to complete molecular b r e a k s during the treatment of purified D N A solutions with single-strand-specific nucleases.

T h e a u t h o r s concluded that a large proportion of the D N A in small n e u r o n s of the cerebellum undergoes no metabolic t u r n o v e r during the h u m a n life span. Other studies, reviewed by Slatkin et al. (1985), also have shown that in vivo most m o u s e brain neuronal D N A is metabolically stable. 1 3 1 2 1 3 1 2 1 3 I 2 Altogether, low D N A repair capacity w a s shown in all 10 studies on neuronal tissue (for s u m m a r y , see Table III). T h e results with neuronal tissue, both in vivo and in culture, were even clearer than the results on postmitotic muscle tissue (reviewed in this chapter, Section I L A ) .

G. (1980). Inhibition and recovery of DNA synthesis in UV-irradiated Chinese hamster V-79 cells. Photochem. Photohiol. 32, 157-165. Friedberg, E. C. (1985). " W. H. Freeman and Company, New York. , and Sauerbier, W. (1976). A radiobiological analysis of the transcription units for heterogeneous nuclear RNA in cultured murine cells. Cell 9, 775-783. References ! 35 Hackett, P. , and Sauerbier, W. (1975). The transcriptional organization of the ribosomal RNA genes in mouse L cells. J. Mol. Biol. 91, 235256.

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