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By Stephen Belcher

Amassing quite a lot of conventional African myths, this compelling new assortment bargains stories of heroes fighting powerful serpents and gigantic birds, brutal kin clash and vengeance, and determined migrations throughout immense and alien lands. From impassioned descriptions of animal-creators to dramatic tales of groups compelled to escape large crocodiles, all of the narratives discovered the following crisis origins - no matter if of the universe, peoples or households. jointly, they bring a kaleidoscopic photograph of the wealthy and sundry oral traditions that experience formed the tradition and society of successive generations of Africans for millions of years, through the lengthy fight to outlive and discover this large and environmentally varied continent.

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Fig. 11 Ilwo(lbusang-do (a scene of the sun and moon rising in the sky). Folk-painting from the Choso(n Dynasty. 18th–19th century. 02 Part 01 KM:Master Testpages KM 34 10/12/07 13:53 Page 34 MYTHS ABOUT COSMOLOGY AND FLOOD Fig. 12 Masa-hu(i. The game of shooting arrows into a mark while riding on horseback. Date unknown. ‘Agreed! ’ ‘Elder brother, among all plants, plants that grow short stay green throughout their lives, but plants that are hollow inside shed their leaves’, answered Sobyo(lwang.

On his return, with nothing to his name, Scholar Kungsan became a wandering beggar. At the house of Scholar Pae, Bride Myo(ngwo(l did not speak or laugh. ’ said Scholar Pae. ‘Please, fulfil my dearest wish’, replied Bride Myo(ngwo(l. ’ asked Scholar Pae. ‘If you prepare a three-day beggar’s banquet, I will speak’, replied Bride Myo(ngwo(l. ‘A three-day beggar’s banquet we shall have’, said Scholar Pae. Scholar Kungsan, who had become a beggar, came to the banquet. On the first day he sat at the far end, while the food was served from the near end.

He behaved monstrously,’ said King Ch’o(nji. This is how he accumulated his wealth. His daughter paid people rotten soy souce as wages for working in the field while she kept the good soy sauce for herself. This is how they accumulated their wealth. Sumyo(ng Changja’s sons are also Fig. The householder shows herself/himself ’s going out with two, three or four wooden bars; laying all bars across means the owner is not at home, putting down all bars means the owner is at home. In case there are three or four wooden bars, the owner can show herself/himself’s going out in detail; a short or long distance.

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