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This up to date model of the African improvement symptoms presents a revised and multiplied statistical number of the main particular information on Africa on hand in a single quantity. It provides info on fifty three African international locations, prepared in three hundred separate tables or matrices supplying greater than 350 symptoms of improvement.

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Basic indicators GNP per capita Life annual- expectancy percentage at birth Total AV. 0 excl. __ Congo, Democratic Rep. 7 Zimbabwe . 9 NORTH AFRICA ~. . 2 ~ ~ Note 1998 data are preliminary (see page 3) 23628 22407 21497 1247 111 School enrolment 19x0 199- 1995-96 ~~ ~ 1980 51 78 50 77 49 68 63 ~ - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 46 53 67 78 108 47 91 44 18 40 51 42 26 57 98 68 114 45 71 48 58 60 86 75 51 92 48 141 114 47 75 71 50 37 39 50 135 51 53 43 37 38 52 53 53 77 60 79 46 36 48 44 68 52 115 85 56 104 108 47 48 57 130 92 43 60 89 45 50 26 79 53 37 71 93 107 .

Dollars use a 1995 base 15 16 National Accounts year and are converted from national currency series using 1995 exchange rates. To establish a common base year for all countries, national accounts in national currencies at constant prices based on years other than 1995 have been partially rebased to 1995 by rescaling constant price series of components of GDP. Using a single base year raises problems when there are profound structural changes or significant changes in relative prices. For example, values expressed in constant U S .

Dollars necessarily reflect the exchange rates prevailing during the base year. Where subsequent exchange rate changes have been substantial, as they have for many African countries since 1780, comparisons among countries and aggregate trends will be affected. For this reason alone, the data should be used with considerable caution. Monitoring resource allocations across sectors in any given point in time requires the use of current prices. Accordingly, in addition to GDP in constant prices, GDP in current prices is provided.

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