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D. Coulombic Impurity States in Heterostructures Like in bulk materials, the substitutional coulombic impurities give rise to series of shallow donor or acceptor levels in semiconductor heterostructures. These levels have been thoroughly theoretically analyzed as well as their behaviour under the action of external perturbations (magnetic field, electric field, uniaxial stresses). In most of the III-V heterolayers, the dielectric mismatch between the host materials is small. If one neglects this mismatch, a substitutional coulombic 46 G.

5 1 kl ( K Xlo6 crn-’1 FIG. 19. The quantity ( d , .

The complexity of the unbroadened spectrum has, to our knowledge, precluded any attempt of extending Ando’s work to the calculation of the magnetic field dependent density of states of the valence subbands. ii. Arbitrary 6’ When the magnetic field is not parallel to the growth axis, the z and in-plane motions become coupled. The most striking feature of the tilted magnetic field orientation is that the Landau orbital quantization can to an excellent approximation be described as if only the longitudinal component Bcos6’ of B played a part.

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