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By Michael W. Ford

ADAMU is a grimoire of Luciferian Tantra. This course is of the exploration of the darkish recesses of the brain and Spirit, reworking the self right into a vessel of Divinity, the Daemonic itself. present in ADAMU are starting place rituals and thought of Luciferian intercourse Magick, the Forbidden artwork of remodeling cognizance and physique right into a Temple of the antagonistic Spirit, being Samael and Lilith, to start up the self and turn into part of the divine by way of awakening the emblem of Cain, the 1st Satanist. ADAMU outlines perform which defines the how the Luciferian intercourse Magick course is a sucessful approach to initiation which simply strengthens and awakens recognition. Vampiric (spiritual) intercourse Magick and historical Buddhism/Bon Po, together with workings and outlines of Kali and her a number of mythological guises. Adamu positive factors quite a few discipline-building excercises in order to set the point of interest for severe initiatory perform.

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Now you will begin to call forth the Black Serpent,Samael/Ahriman. This is the ‘shadow’, the primal instinct and sexual desire for becoming. The emotional, lustful aspect which is the driving force of sorcery and selfexpansion. Begin summoning the Black Serpent up your spine, coiling with the Red Dragon as red flame and blackened fire join as one. As these two forces continue to connect, rub together and bring about friction, ecstasy 2 An advanced formula is hidden within the symbolism of the rite, AZHISH, found in The Paitisha by Michael W.

Yet within this mountain chain is Arezur, named from a Son of Ahriman who fell against Gayomerd, called the Mouth at the Gate of Hell. It was deep in the depths of the earth, in the caverns and caves of hell, the lair of Az that she brought the demons in union with each other. The fallen ones were smitten as she taught them the acts of fucking, ejaculating in the womb of the whore, entering her from behind and all acts of erotic initiation. The flames within their bodies grew and the females produced dragon-children.

Who In Nazorean-Mani legends of Adam, Az-Lilith came forth from the depths of hell to teach and instruct the fallen angels, demons and other averse spirits the art of sexual copulation. How by joining male and female spirits together, they created such off springs upon the earth. These demons spawned other children, Az – Lilith devoured some of them later on, which increased her vitality and power. Lilith is thus the First Vampire, the enfleshed anthropomorphic form of Tiamat/Azhdeha, the Dragon Stars.

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