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However, as relatively few polymers are commercialised, it is often unnecessary to spell out the details of the groups R and R'. Thus, the polycarbonate of 2,2 bis(4-hydroxyphenol) propane (the technical name is Bisphenol A) with phosgene (COC12) is referred to simply as polycarbonate (PC), because no other polycarbonate is sold on any scale. 4 lists the most common linking groups. The polyurethane reaction, between a di-isocyanate and a diol O HO - - R="" OH + O-----C-----N--RI'"N-----C----O ~ O O--C-- --R1--N--C--O--R H 2 I H produces no by-products, which is an advantage if the polymer is made in a mould.

1-1 Ixm. On drying, these agglomerate to grains of mean size 30-60 txm (Fig. 17), smaller than the 100-160 ~m grain size of suspension PVC. The melt viscosity of PVC depends on the degree to which the particle structure is retained, as well as on the molecular weight. 17 Suspension (left) and emulsion (right) PVC by SEM (Diego, B. , Polym. Intl. 53, 515, 2004) 9 Society of Chemical Industries, permission granted by John Wiley & Sons. 5 g/dl solution in cyclohexanone at 25 ~ Mw increases with the Kvalue; PVCs with K-values of 55-62 are used for injection moulding and the extrusion of thin foil, whereas large diameter pipe, which requires a maximum toughness, uses PVC with K-values of 66-70.

5 m in diameter and 12 m high. The catalyst, a chromium compound supported on finely divided silica, is also continuously injected. It is so efficient that the 1 part per million chromium content of the polymer does not need to be removed (some catalyst residues speed up polymer degradation or are toxic). The solid polyethylene powder is suspended by the gas flow as a fluidised bed. The gas removes the heat of polymerisation from the powder, and the temperature is maintained between 85 and 100 ~ so that the polyethylene particles are solid and do not stick together.

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