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Quelle constitution familiale avez-vous connue ? J'avais répondu : aucune. Gardez-vous une photograph uniqueness de votre père et de votre mère ? J'avais répondu : nébuleuse. Vous jugez-vous comme un bon fils (ou fille) ? Je n'ai jamais été un fils. Dans les études que vous avez entreprises, cherchez-vous à conserver l'estime de vos mom and dad et à vous conformer à votre milieu social ? Pas d'études. Pas de mom and dad. Pas de milieu social. Préférez-vous faire l. a. révolution ou contempler un beau paysage ? Contempler un beau paysage. Que préférez-vous ? l. a. profondeur du tourment ou l. a. légèreté du bonheur ? l. a. légèreté du bonheur. Voulez-vous changer l. a. vie ou bien retrouver une harmonie perdue ? Retrouver une harmonie perdue.

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Wicked from Jamaican English (cf. Stockwell 2002) or chav from Romani (cf. Matras 2009). Slang as an example of very informal language is mostly a feature of speech and seldom appears in writing, which, as discussed in the next section, almost always demonstrates a more formal character than speech. 7. Spoken vs. written language A distinction which is very obviously connected with the previous section analysing register and style concerns the difference between speech and writing. It was specifically hinted at in the context of the mode, otherwise referred to as the channel of communication, used in the analysis of register.

The most neutral one, used when talking to strangers). , as in church liturgy or in a court hearing. Thus, to reiterate after O’Donnell and Todd (1991: 81), “style is involved only where choice is made between one term and another when both, in the context, refer to the same thing,” yet the speaker has to sense the degree of the context formality and sensitivity and choose the most suitable item of the two or more available. In the early sociolinguistic quantitative analysis of speech the issue of style was primarily discussed in connection with the amount of attention the speaker paid to his/her speech when participating in sociolinguistic interviews (cf.

Wolfram and Fasold 1974, Mesthrie 2000c). 36 Chapter One into groups according to their social class, which, having been taken from an earlier sociological study of that area, were determined on the basis of the respondent’s level of education, occupation and income. Apart from confirming the earlier finding concerning the distribution of the r-ful pronunciation, which was sharply diversified between upper and middle class on the one hand, and the working class on the other, he was able to tap into some other interesting features, such as social insecurity demonstrated by the members of the lower middle class, which manifested itself by phenomena like their hypercorrection in terms of use of prestigious forms in very formalised types of speech (reading word lists and minimal pairs) as well as their great tendency to stigmatise others who used nonstandard forms, despite their clear inclination to use them themselves.

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