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By Rodney Orpheus

Thelemic magick, because it is practiced this day, relies at the works of Aleister Crowley. these works may be dense, and Crowley’s prompt process learn intimidating to rookies. In Abrahadabra, Rodney Orpheus deals a far easier and extra fast course for operating with a similar magical present Crowley used. His procedure is grounded in practice—you don’t have to learn tomes prior to you start to meditate and perform rituals and functional workouts and manifestations. Abrahadabra is an ideal primer for somebody who's curious to grasp what magick is all approximately, however it is additionally a superb sourcework for these trying to increase their very own Wiccan or pagan perform with ritual magick or who search a deeper figuring out of Crowley’s vintage works.

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It is the history of our soul. This book is only about the normal aspect of God and creation. The next book will be about what goes wrong in the universe and why, that is, the pathological issues. None of the information presented in this book comes from my religious or cultural background or from any of my personally held beliefs. It is based solely on what hundreds of my patients have consistently reported under hypnosis. One of the most impressive results is the universality of the information obtained.

There are buildings concerned with different types of learning. The building for art is pinkish-gold. There are paintings inside and the records of the arts from different civilizations. This building has all the knowledge of art. There are human souls here that have come here to learn about art. "Paintings inspired by the dark side are not here, only the paintings inspired by Heaven. There are different chambers filled with the paintings of different artists on Earth, at different times, making it like a living museum.

Could it be that there were spirits in other patients too, but we had not recognized them? I did not know. All I knew was that my patient was now free of her symptoms after only one session. Since then, hundreds of my patients under hypnosis have reported finding human spirits inside themselves, separate and distinct from their own soul. These spirits are reported by my patients as the visitors, what we call the attached or possessing earthbound spirits that did not make their transition to Heaven after the death of their physical bodies and that have remained on the Earth plane.

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