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A Treatise on Angel Magic

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Hence many took occasion to authorise that for truth which is reported of Merlin that he was begotten of a Devil, but this is better said than affirmed, for whether it be or not, God only knoweth. In the Diocese of Bamberg there was a virgin that brought forth a Son and remained a true virgin afterwards, for whilst the maid slept the Daemon defiled her, she was wholly ignorant of the deceit upon examination of honest Matrons, many advised her to marry, that she might bring forth without danger of her life, but she resolved to keep her vow of virginity though her death might follow.

37 FURCAS, is a Knight and cometh forth in the similitude of a cruel man with a long beard and a hoary head. He sitteth on a pale horse, carrying in his hand a pale weapon. He perfectly teacheth practical philosophy, Rhetoric, Logic, Astronomy, Chiromancy, Pyromancy, and their parts. There obey him 20 Legions. 38 GAAP, a great President and a Prince, taketh human shape, maketh a man wonderfully knowing in philosophy and in all liberal sciences. He maketh love hatred, transferreth man most speedily into other nations, ruleth 66 Legions.

Those which remained in the places between, was because they had not offended with so determinate an obstinacy and vehemence as the others had, and they remained also there because it was necessary and convenient for our merit, that we should have spirits for our Enemies, and in such place where they might vex us with their temptations, for which cause God permitted a great part of them to remain in the air, the earth and the water, where they shall continue till the Day of Judgement, and then they shall be all damned into the very dungeon of Hell: so that we have with them continual war: which though they be in the places aforesaid, yet are they not out of Hell in respect of torment, for their pain is all alike [See Aquinas, Quest.

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