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By Dennis Curtin

This book/eBook package deal is your advisor to getting extra fascinating and artistic photographs together with your Canon EOS electronic insurgent digicam - referred to as the EOS 300D in a few nations. to be able to research extra in regards to the suggestions of images, this book/ebook is for you. It discusses each digicam surroundings in a transparent, well-illustrated sort, however it additionally does even more. you will see why and in the event you use particular settings, not only easy methods to set them. you can find that this advisor is helping you quick grasp your digicam so you can be getting the types of images you wish for. The publication is outlined in black & white and has a popular spiral binding that we could the e-book lie flat or be folded again. The accompanying e-book on a CD disc is a printable and searchable full-color model of an analogous ebook in Adobe's renowned PDF layout. it may be learn on a computer or Mac utilizing the unfastened Acrobat Reader or any present net browser. The CD additionally comprises trial models of some of the author's favourite progra! ms.

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If you are making a portrait, you may want only the person to be sharply focused, but not a distracting background. In a landscape, on the other hand, often you may want everything sharp from close-up flower to distant mountain. Once you understand how to control depth of field, you will feel much more confident when you want to make sure something is—or isn’t—sharp. Here the greatest possible depth of field was used to keep everything sharp from the fighter’s needle nose to the background. To control how deep or shallow depth of field is, you have three factors to work with.

In fact, it’s the range between these two points that defines the dynamic range (also called the tonal range or contrast) of the image. If the image is low contrast, you can also tell if it’s low-key or high-key from the histogram. A low key image has details concentrated at the dark end of the scale. A high-key image has them concentrated at the light end. In Photoshop, the Levels dialog box gives you five triangles you can drag to adjust the distribution of brightness in your image. The three triangles below the histogram work as follows: ■ Dragging the left (black) triangle to the right darkens the shadows.

Since most image corrections can be diagnosed by looking at a histogram, it helps to look at it while still in a position to reshoot the image. It’s for this reason that histograms can be displayed on the Digital Rebel’s monitor. ■ When shooting, change the Review setting to On (Info) (page 113). TIP When a histogram is displayed, areas in the small image next to it blink if they are overexposed to pure white without detail. This is called the highlight alert. HOW TO READ A HISTOGRAM The horizontal axis represents the range of brightness from 0 (shadows) on the left to 255 (highlights) on the right.

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