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By William Shakespeare

This variation is written in English. even if, there's a operating Spanish glossary on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are various variants of A Midsummer Night's Dream. This variation will be worthwhile i

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Dissembling: disimulando. fire: fuego, incendio, despedir, disparar, el fuego, tirar, animar, incitar, lumbre, hacer fuego, encender. glass: vidrio, vaso, cristal, copa, el vidrio. lesser: menor, menos. marvel: maravilla, asombrarse. monster: monstruo. peril: peligro. perish: perecer, perecéis, perezco, perezcan, pereces, perecemos, pereced, perece, perecen, perezca. presence: presencia. salt: sal, la sal, salar, salado. shows: muestra. sword: espada. ugly: feo. wicked: malo, malvado. 36 A Midsummer Night's Dream LYSANDER.

Aside: aparte, al lado. awake: despierto, despertar, despertarse. bring: traer, traigan, trae, traed, traéis, traemos, traen, traigo, traes, traiga, llevar. cause: causa, causar, ocasionar, dar lugar a, instigar, producir, maquinar, provocar. charm: encanto, hechizar, encantar, gracia, embelesar, amuleto. fairy: hada, la hada. fond: aficionado. illusion: ilusión, espejismo. mistook: pret de mistake. mortals: mortales. needs: necesidades. noise: ruido, alboroto, el ruido. pageant: cabalgata. purple: morado, púrpura, purpúreo, lila.

Separation: separación, retiro, aislamiento. single: soltero, solo, único, simple, individual. takes: toma, desempeña. turf: césped, tepe. virtuous: virtuoso. wish: desear, deseo, voluntad, querer, tener, gana. yours: vuestro, suyo, el tuyo. ] PUCK Through the forest have I gone, But Athenian found I none, On whose eyes I might approve This flower's force in stirring love. Night and silence! Who is here? Weeds of Athens he doth wear: This is he, my master said, Despised the Athenian maid; And here the maiden, sleeping sound, On the dank and dirty ground.

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