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In Fig. 8 we go a step further and we put into the same space two elementary bodies (body A and body B); body B is characterized by a mass mB and a geometrical point with the coordinates xB , yB , zB and body A by the mass mA and the coordinates xA , yA , zA . We would like to assume that there is no interaction between the two bodies with masses mA and mB . Then, body A is not existent for body B, and vice versa body B is not existent for body A. In other words, body A behaves like a unit alone in space; the same is true for body B: August 16, 2014 15:31 Mind and Reality— ...

1 a typical configuration is given, which we have, in everyday life, spontaneously in front of us. When we touch with our fingers an object as, for example, one of the trees in Fig. , the tree and the observer’s body interact with each other. Both, the tree as well as the observer, are considered as physically real objects. This is in a certain sense correct, but we have to be careful. Do we have really the material reality directly in front of us? No, we have not. Already a lot of scientists, in particular the philosopher Immanuel Kant pointed out this fact (see also Sec.

On the relationship between the general theory of relativity and the conventional quantum theory Physical statements about the cosmos are formulated on the basis of the General Theory of Relativity and also on the conventional quantum theory. Both, the General Theory of Relativity and the usual quantum theory lead to sets of laws that work fantastically. However, if we put them together we inevitably obtain irreconcilable differences. Both theories, also basis for cosmological descriptions, are mutually incompatible.

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