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By Alan M. Stevens

This moment variation of A finished Indonesian-English Dictionary brings the hugely winning first version modern with hundreds and hundreds of latest entries in company, legislation, and finance, in addition to really expert terminology within the fields of expertise, engineering, mining, and building. in keeping with 5 years of study, together with enter from clients, this new version bargains readers the most up-tp-date info on names of political events, acronyms for presidency places of work, Islamic phrases, colloquial pronunciations, and abbreviated types utilized in blogs and electronic mail. As with the unique version, the dictionary is designed to be as common as attainable. Root phrases, meanings, proverbs, idioms, compounds that commence with the basis notice, and derivatives are given. millions of pattern sentences from basic resources illustrate that means and utilization; no sentences are invented, making sure entire authenticity and reliability. the hot variation, followed through a CD-ROM, is key for reference libraries, in addition to scholars and students of Indonesian.

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IV [Anno Hejirae] follows a date in the Islamic calendar. aha aha! ahad (A) 1 one. 2 ¤rst. 3 (hari –) Sunday. malam – Saturday night. – Palem Palm Sunday. 4 week. , Christians and Jews. 5 transmitted by only one transmitter (of a hadis). mengahadkan to unite (in marriage). ahadiat (A ob) oneness (of God). ahadis pl of hadis. ahala → AALA. ) drum. ahbar (A ob) news( paper); → AKHBAR. ahdiat → AHADIAT. ahérat → AKHIRAT. ah-ih-éh a sound indicating indecision. ahimsa (Skt) nonviolence. ahir → AKHIR.

6 to move (the time) forward, advance (a watch); → MEMAJUKAN. ~ tanggal to postdate. 7 to put in/into action (fresh troops), throw in (fresh troops). 8 to introduce, propose (a proposal). o. before the district court. t. put forward or brought up. pengaju ~ petisi petitioner. pengajuan submission, putting forward, ¤ling, lodging. ~ klaim ¤ling a claim. ajubila → AUDZUBILLAH. 16 ajudan (D) 1 (mil) adjutant. 2 chief petty of¤cer. – jénderal adju­ tant general. mengajudani to ¶ank (with adjutants).

Who induces. pengajakan inducement, inducing. ajak II (M ob) 1 similar to. 2 like. 3 as. mengajakkan 1 to consider as. t. is done), show by example. ajak III (Jv) (anjing –) wild forest dog. Cuon alpinus. ajal (A) 1 destiny. 2 term/allotted span of life, death. menemui/ sampai –nya to die. Sudah sampai –nya. His time has come. menghadapi –nya to be dying, on the point of death. sebelum – berpantang mati nobody dies before his time. – samar a sud­ den or unexplained death. seajal mati ~ to die a natural death (due to sickness/old age).

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