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By Adam McLean

Within the Magnum Opus airtight Sourceworks sequence.

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But in these instances no one has seen them being taken into a space­ craft, and there is no finn proof that abduction was the cause of their absence. One of my first cases, a young woman of twenty-four, told of being abducted as a teenager with a friend after midnight from the basement den of her friend's home. The girls' fathers were frantic when they could not find their daughters during the night. Accord­ ing to both girls (I have spoken with the other girl, who confirms my client's account) the fathers checked the den during the early hours of the morning and found that the two teenagers were not there.

I have myself studied a Y2- to �-inch thin, wiry object that was given to me by one of my clients, a twenty-four-year-old woman, after it came out of her nose following an abduction experience. Elemental analyses and electronic microscopic photography revealed an interestingly twisted fiber consisting of carbon, silicon, oxygen, no nitrogen, and traces of other elements. A carbon isotopic analysis was not remarkable. A nuclear biologist colleague said the "specimen" was not a naturally occurring biological object but could be a manufactured fiber of some sort.

She said she actually saw her roommate being returned through the door through which she was taken. " B ut she herself then experi­ enced an abduction, so that her credibility as an "independent" witness might therefore be questionable. Independent observation of a UFO near where an experiencer reports that an abduction took place is another kind of corrobora­ tive evidence, especially if the abductee did not him- or herself actually see the craft. We will see in Catherine's case (chapter 7) that she was shocked to discover in the media the next morning that a UFO had been observed traveling the exact route north of Boston that she had felt compelled to drive during the night.

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