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Review acheter and rire. See also relative pronoun. auxiliary verb An auxiliary verb is a helping verb. In English grammar it is to have. In French grammar it is avoir (to have) or être (to be). An auxiliary verb is used to help form the seven compound tenses. I have eaten /J’ai mangé; she has left / elle est partie. Review page 6 to find out about verbs conjugated with avoir or être as helping verbs. Also, review manger and partir. cardinal number A cardinal number is a number that expresses an amount, such as one, two, three, and so on.

To prefer that . . s’attendre à ce que . . to expect that . . avoir peur que . . to be afraid that . . [expletive ne is required] craindre que . . to fear that . . [expletive ne is required] défendre que . . to forbid that . . désirer que . . to desire that . . douter que . . to doubt that . . empêcher que . . to prevent that . . s’étonner que . . to be astonished that . . s’étonner de ce que . . to be astonished at the fact that . . être bien aise que . . to be pleased that .

Irregular verb An irregular verb is a verb that does not follow a fixed pattern in its conjugation in the various verb tenses. Definitions of basic grammatical terms with examples 43 7_3554_02_Introduction 10/20/06 11:19 AM Page 44 Basic irregular verbs in French: aller/to go avoir/to have être/to be faire/to do, to make Review these verbs. See also conjugation, regular verb. limiting adjective A limiting adjective is an adjective that limits a quantity. three tickets/trois billets; a few candies/quelques bonbons main clause Main clause is another term for independent clause.

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